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22 January 2007 @ 11:36 am
I have been following rockin_granola's Compacting journey, and am throwing my hat in the ring.

I am going to work on a "formal" contract/statement to post here that my DH and I agree on. But I have some goals that I wanted to get written down before the leak out due to nursing, like so many other thoughts I seem to have, and then lose. LOL

I participate in an online Treasure Map group. These are done at the Aries new moon in April. It is a way of getting your intentions in line and sending out the energy for things you want and need to come into your life. I am a firm believer in this. I have done two years and they both yielded some amazing changes, Brigit being one of them. :-D I don't know if there is something more woo-woo about it other than just allowing my focused attention to work on the problem until I find a solution, or if it is some kind of energy directing, spiritual something, but it works, and I am sold. We didn't do one last year because I was *very* pregnant, and not so much in the mood, and it was hard to think beyond giving birth, much less about what I wanted for the year. There are a lot of reason for that I think, and it didn't feel right to do it last year, so we passed. Now that we are getting into 2007, I am feeling the lack of direction/intention. So, we are gearing up for this year's map. (Plus it is great fun to make giant collages!)

In that vein, up until the Aries new moon, decluttering your house is a BIG thing. Getting rid of the superfluous crap means that there is room in your life for things to enter it. And right now, there is no room at this inn, as it were.

We have roughly 20 or so unpacked boxes. Some with crap from who knows how long ago. I want this crap *out* of the house, or put away. So there is goal number one...unpack the rest of the boxes - gift, sell, donate or toss things we don't *need.*

We also have a *lot* of debt. Less than most, more than some. But it is eating away at any attempts we make to save. Some of it was debt acquired from the IVF, and some from the fact that my laptop died mid-CSF season and *had* to be replaced. Some is groceries from my maternity leave. A lot is new house stuff. And it amounts to a hefty amount of debt.

I want to pay the cards off. All of them. I want to be able to use cash, for everything. This project will be hastened along by the paying off of our car in August, but I want to simplify/compact/organize enough that I can throw a little extra at them prior to August. Goal #2: Pay off the credit cards.

This next one is a two parter....
We eat out waaaaay too much. I have been ruling with an iron fist lately though, and we are on week three of eating at home - with only one take out night. That was a night when Gary didn't get home until 9pm, and I was beat, and the baby was asleep. Those happen, and now I need to plan for them with either leftovers, or TV dinners so I can eat without having to fully cook dinner. In addition, I want to be able to make B's food. Something had to go and *gasp* I have been using jarred baby food../ The good news is it is organic, no added nothing, and she likes it. So no harm, no foul really. But I feel less than uber-crunchy and I know that some judge me for it. Plus it is pricey in the long run. So, I am trying to organize grocery lists and maintain cooking, having food at home.

The second part of this goal is to join a CSA group. I really love the idea of picking up my box of fresh veggies each week. This goes hand in hand with not over-spending as it is going to cost about $300 for 5 months (about $16/week - which is about what we spend for far less produce, that isn't local.) So, we are saving for that. So, third goal is to eat at home more, and join a CSA to feed us all better.

And lastly, my house. I am a *horrible* house keeper. You know when your friend calls your house "lived-in" while trying to sound polite, things are bad. So, goal four: clean the house, keep it clean and set up a schedule of when things need to be done so that I don't have to think about it, I can just look at the schedule and do it.

So there we year's resolutions of sorts. More like long term goals/life-changes/something or other. LOL

Having a kid can sure make you more motivated to care about stuff like this.
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22 January 2007 @ 10:13 pm
Our family is Compacting in 2007!
We pledge to stop buying new, cease frivolous spending, and simplify our lives by reducing the amount of “stuff” we currently have.
We are limiting our new purchases to necessities and consumables (as they are called in theatre). We will reevaluate what we think of as needs prior to purchasing. We will try to find items used, or to trade things we already have but do not need for things we do need.
What we do purchase will be of good quality. We won’t spend money on lesser quality goods just so we can have it right now.
We will be eating at home, and curbing the need to eat out. There will be times when we eat out, but it will be a treat and not the norm.
We will also be channeling extra money toward getting us out of debt, and getting our finances back in our control, and in shape to make our lives secure, happy and simple.
We are hoping to re-teach ourselves how to spend money wisely, and in turn, teach our daughter the same. In addition we are hoping to get ourselves into a space where we can truly plan for the future for both ourselves, and our daughter.
We want to reduce our footprint on the planet, and to teach ourselves about conserving, and cherishing what we have by opting out of the consumer culture that we live in.
There are exceptions, of course:
*Consumables! (food, toiletries, all those things you use up…)
*health care/items
*Underwear, socks, bras….can’t do those used. Ha ha ha
*Shoes. DH and I are too hard on shoes to buy some that are pre-loved.
*Safety items – we are baby-proofing, and some stuff you can’t find used.
*gifts for birthdays. But we will cut back, most will be made. If I can’t make it – we will buy it.
*We will be spending our gifts cards from Christmas, and we won’t limit the amount of gifts our daughter receives. We will try to steer the gift givers to the things that she will cherish though.
For now, this pledge is for the year. After that, hopefully it will be habit, and we won’t need to pledge again. But we will see!
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